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Why Choose Game Design Over Other Design Careers

Why Choose Game Design Over Other Design Careers

A career in game design is often misunderstood by people.  Many people assume that it’s a job where people play video games all day long.  However, the responsibility entails much more.  It can be a challenging career due to the tough competition that prevails in the industry.  Furthermore, there is the possibility of working under pressure to complete certain tasks before a given deadline, or spending a lot of time trying to solve design problems.  Nonetheless, if you enjoy designing games you will likely find a career in game designing to be a rewarding experience and be happy with what you do.

There are plenty of reasons to pursue a game design career.  One of the best reasons is that you may actually get the opportunity to make games of your own.  If you dream of allowing others to play the games developed by your own hands, this is the ideal career path for you.  When you are making games, you have the opportunity to come up with your own ideas and include them in the game the way you want.  Even though it is not a simple task, you will likely get used to it along with the experience. Sometimes your ideas will not be accepted by the game designing company.  In that kind of a situation, you should follow another path and design another game plan.

A career in game designing differs from traditional jobs since it is usually more flexible.  You may not necessarily need to stick to the 9 to 5 time frame or a strict schedule.  What’s important is to complete the assigned task before your provided deadline.  You may get the opportunity to choose your working hours and have less hassle, which plays an important role during the game development process.  You may not even have to stick to a dress code, as long as you meet all the requirements.

All the people who are planning to enter the game design industry should keep in mind that it is associated with hard work.  Though if you enjoy engaging in video games, it shouldn’t be difficult to get familiarized with the environment.   Salaries vary depending on many factors, but according to industry insiders, the average range for most video game developers is between $80,000 to $100,000 per year*  If all of this sounds like a dream come true, you can look for the available opportunities within the industry.  If you have the determination and work hard, you can make it a great experience.


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