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Where Are the Video Game Design Jobs?

Where Are the Video Game Design Jobs?

A video game designer enjoys being in a post that has been labeled as one of the Best Jobs to Have in America 2013. And, let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to be sat down designing games and doing something they love. Video Game Design Jobs are available across the States but there are large concentrations in California and New York.

A video game designer has to be responsible for designing all aspects and dimensions of a gaming concept. You would need to create story lines, evolve graphics behind that story and program in the game’s environment and characters. It does sound like fun but in fact it is often very technical and difficult.

With average annual salaries of around $75,000, it can be clear why video game design jobs are in great demand. Some of the top engineers in designing games can earn as much as $120,000. So, just where are all the game design jobs located? There are several posts (*) available in Orlando,Florida where EA Sports, a leader in gaming and sporting entertainment brands is located.

San Diego and the Silicon Valley are regions where several video game design jobs are on offer. The best way to look for a position in this sector is to check out growing agencies and employment bureaus like Testing gaming functions and entering new patches and updates would be part and parcel of your daily grind. You will also be expected to play many of the games to see if they are fit for purpose and ready to go online or packaged for distribution.

Wired Talent in San Diego is looking for new Quality Assurance Testers (*) where those fortunate enough to be selected would expect to review and correct any misreads and data anomalies, debug documents, write out reports and ensure that all updates to the game are applied correctly so that there are no problems with the new fix when being played by members of the public and the internet community.

Texas is another hi-tech state where software media companies have a large presence. Zeni Max Media, based in Richardson, is regularly looking to recruit temporary and permanent play and game testers. You will need to be over 18 to join and are expected to have sound knowledge of the Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and general PC games on both Microsoft and Apple platforms.

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