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What type of game design degree should I get?

What type of game design degree should I get?

With high school almost behind you, and your diploma weeks away, or even your GED equivalent, it’s possible you will be looking for a career in game design. You have always been creatively expressive, and know what you can about video games and how they work. Why not take a look at a career in video game design by earning your college degree, and exploring what might add satisfaction and financial ability for your family. The first step is to ask yourself, ‘what are the best jobs for a game design degree?’ (*)

What Are the Best Jobs for a Game Design Degree? You will want to consider what level or position you’ll be seeking once you enter the game design field. An associate’s degree will get you a decent job with a decent company, but more and more designers are seeking higher degrees to improve their standing in their professional field. You may have competency or even expertise in Java or C++ scripting languages, but so does the guy sitting next to you with his dual major in graphic design, or the fellow two cubicles down who has a fine arts degree on top of programming skills. It’s all about what you bring to the table that will determine where you will fit in

Types of Jobs Available
Depending on what you spent your time earning your degree in, and what other skills you bring to the table, will determine what the perfect match is for you in a game design company. Many degree holders become the sweat and blood of game design, being the code monkeys who program the various actions in the game. Others find themselves working very closely with the arts department, developing character sketches and background scenery to make the game more believable. Other work on the storylines, drawing heavily from backgrounds of creative writing and related fields.

You may also find your skills are best suited for administrative duties, filling the role as office manager, or project manager, making sure all of the various aspects of the project come together smoothly, on time, and under budget. You may find yourself working with the marketing department; planning advertising campaigns and product tie ins to make a profit for the design company. No matter you skills, you will sure find the best ways to use them once you land you dream job.

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