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Do What You Love with a Game Art & Design Degree

Do What You Love with a Game Art & Design Degree

Due to the increasing demand for computer and video games, the gaming industry is growing and a degree in game art and design could be a good choice.*  Games are designed and developed by designers who have training to create a captivating game of this generation. As such it attracts a large crowd is the reason why a game art & design degree is one of the ‘in demand’ degrees.

How to Earn a Degree in Game Art & Design?

The Game Art & Design degree is a type of degree that is gaining importance at a fairly fast pace.* Some schools offer the option to earn the degree as an associate degree or a bachelor’s degree. Those who might enjoy this field of work are generally avid game players themselves and have knowledge about the gaming industry. One important tip that is helpful when pursuing this degree is to have comprehensive skills and technical skills.

Benefits of a Game Art & Design Degree:

Game Art and Design can be an exciting degree to pursue, and it is second to none in terms of opportunity. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that, within a decade there will be an 8% growth in employment of multimedia experts, triggered by the increase in demand for visual effects and animations.**

  • Doing what you love: Those who enjoy playing video games will be able to understand the creation of the same. The passion that drove you to the subject will stay with you throughout and after you obtain your degree.
  • Earning Potential: Average salaries for video game development workers in 2010 ranged from about $49,000 for quality assurance testers to $107,000 for business professionals like executives.  Artists and designers earned an average of at least $68,000, while programmers and producers earned more than $85,000.*
  • Casual Work Environment: When it comes to going to office, you may be surprised and happy since some offices allow their employees to wear casual attire. A casual look often means a casual surrounding and friendly crowd who speak your designing language.*
  • Creativity: This degree is a good opportunity for the creative minds to have space to put their words into action. Brainstorming, collaboration and more artistic attitude is the encouraged for this field.


The gaming industry is a vibrant field with different opportunities and a Game Art & Design Degree may give you the opportunity to improve your design skills. With the right foundation and sound knowledge in gaming, one can enjoy earning their Game Art & Design Degree.



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