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What College Game Design Degree Should I Get?

What College Game Design Degree Should I Get?

The world of gaming is bigger then ever.  The gaming industry has grown in the United States, becoming bigger then Hollywood and Television.  For many people, playing these games just isn’t enough.  Instead, there is a true passion for creating these games.

The gaming industry is relatively new, and as a result has less of an established system for education then other professions.  Look at any gaming company now, and you will see a mix of graphic designers, artists, businessmen, computer programmers, and even the occasional writer.

However, within the last decade and a half, game design schools have emerged as places that look to offer their students everything they will need to know in order to succeed in the gaming industry.  Including a fully rounded education combining programming, art, storytelling, and design, these programs look to shape how future generations are educated.*1

So then, What College Game Design Degree Should I Get?
Given the lack of masters or PhD programs in game design, your best bet is to go for individual courses, associates, or a master’s degree.  Lets take a look at each.*1

Taking Individual Courses
If you already have an education and are looking for specific instructions while creating your own game, then taking individual courses to fill in the gaps in your knowledge is the way to go.  Many colleges and universities will offer enrollment to individual courses.  This is a great way to shore up your knowledge if you already have a firm base to start from and plans to work independently or within a small group.

An Associates Degree
An associate’s degree is perfect for those looking to test the waters and see if game design is what they really want to do.  Oftentimes, pairing an associate’s degree in game design and a bachelors in programming or other hard computer related degree will ensure a well-rounded knowledge base when entering the workforce.

A Bachelors Degree
If gaming design is what you really want to do, then find a school that offers a bachelors degree in gaming.  They will provide what you need to know prior to leaving school, though you may require some internship work in order to have a fully rounded experience.  Regardless, make sure to keep a portfolio of everything you created, as this will be crucial when applying for positions.  Until that time, good luck pursuing your education and finding the right course for you!

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