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How to Become a Video Game Writer

How to Become a Video Game Writer

Video game writers often have educational backgrounds in writing, with a degree in English or journalism. The story told by the characters and narrators is an important part in keeping the game progressive and the player engaged and immersed. Although it’s only been recently that video game writing has become its own discipline within game design, it’s already seen as an important role in the industry, as well as one of the most creative. Currently, video game writers are tasked with paralleling their stories to the recent increase in player age. In general, the older the player, the more complex and engaging the storylines need to be.

Video game writers typically report to the lead game designer. Their task is unique from movies and television in that they need to facilitate a series of dependent stories, not a single story line. Video game writers understand that one of the most important aspects of a video game is the player’s ability to create his or her own story based on the decisions they make throughout the game. They work closely with cinematic artists and audio designers in order to capture dialogue using the correct emotional tones. Video game writers are not only responsible for dialogue, but all copy throughout the game including written instructions, credits, level summaries, etc.

Many video game writers begin their career writing industry articles, whether they’re game reviews, professional interviews, how-to guides or industry forecasts. This is an excellent pathway to becoming a game narrator because it exposes writers to multiple facets of game design, as well as provides a chance for them to establish a reputation through their writing. Those with a knack for creative writing and a natural love of video games are sure to excel in this position.

Video Game Writer Salary*

Video game writers often have an educational background in English, as well as experience in graphic or storyboard design. On average, video game writers earn $65,000 per year.

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