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How to Become a Video Game Tester

How to Become a Video Game Tester

Involved throughout the entire video game creating process, not solely in the latter portion as often assumed, video game testers are trained to identify glitches, evaluate level ratings, provide user-experience feedback and give a final proof of the game.

Although identifying bugs is important, the user feedback given by video game testers is probably the most valuable aspect of their job. It is critically important to the success of the game that the level of entertainment it provides is up to par and in line with the designer’s original vision. Though a degree isn’t always required, video game testers need to be focused and observant, with great spelling and grammar skills. Obviously, they also need to be extremely skilled at playing all varieties of video games. Constant analysis and feedback need to be given, throughout every step of the game-testing process. Because video game testing is often a career younger kids dream of (getting paid to play), and because a small number of video game testers per game development are required, it can be difficult to get into.

The video game tester is also responsible for communicating with all appropriate contacts from the development team to other co-testers. It is crucial for testers to keep the game play as true to the designer’s original ideas as possible. This makes constant, inter-departmental communication and heavy amounts of team work a skill set needed in every tester. Since their feedback is so vital, the overall quality of the video game being tested is heavily influenced by video game testers.

Video Game Tester Salary*

Since video game testing does not always require a degree, some companies pay by the hour, anywhere from $10 to $15. Salary employees make on average $32,000 annually, with pay increases common depending on experience.

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