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Video Game Storyboarding

Video Game Storyboarding

Every game starts with a story. For video game lovers, it is truly interesting to learn more about the process of video game storyboarding. Game designers, writers and artists are responsible for today’s amazing video games. Most of the time games are based on popular movies, real-world events or great ideas.

What is Video Game Storyboarding?

Artists and writers both work on a game’s storyboard to help bring the story to life in a way that can be communicated clearly to everyone working on the project. In the gaming industry, the storyboard pertains to the technical instructions and rough sketches that are sequentially organized for each scene of the game. A storyboard serves as a reference for designers, artists, and writers because it is a game’s visual representation. In comparison to films or movies, a video game requires different outcomes at various levels, so there are many storylines that need to be sketched by artists or designers.

Elements of Storyboarding

A game’s foundation is based on the storyboard. All the elements of a storyboard need to be addressed before computer animation. The maker or designer sketches the ideas for the scenes and characters. These sketches are arranged in chronological order. The result is a sequence of scenes or screens where the player must master skills or achieve goals in move to the next level.

A storyboard involves three elements:

  1. Plot
  2. Characters
  3. Action

Importance of Video Game Storyboarding

Storyboarding is very important in gaming. Designers, game makers, and artists invest a lot of time and effort when working on the storyboard. Without it, there could be confusion and difficulty in the development of video games. It is the foundation of every game you see and play today.

To Learn More

For those interested in the production of video games, you should learn the basics of storyboarding. Game designers are well-versed with this aspect, as storyboarding aids in a game’s future success.


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