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How to Become a Video Game Storyboard Designer

How to Become a Video Game Storyboard Designer

Done both by hand and on the computer, a storyboard is a breakdown of the entire game, scene by scene. Video game storyboard designers use sketches, text and technical instructions to provide thorough descriptions of video game levels, scenes, goals, etc. This provides clear instructions for the game production team, and other members of the design team. Video game storyboard designers also generally have a significant say in character and scene design.

Storyboard sketches are rough, and meant to be so. It’s the responsibility of game designers and artists to develop those sketches into the final products. Hand sketches are the quickest and easiest way to get the initial storyboard plans laid out, but some storyboard artists prefer to use software programs from the get-go. It’s no doubt a time consuming process, as each sequence and scene of the video game has to be laid out in rudimentary form. Storyboard designs are also important because they’re often presented to investors as a basis for project funding. The quality of a storyboard can essentially decide whether the video game proceeds into further development and production or not.

There are a few popular tools used to assist in the creation of video game storyboards, including Storyboard Artist, Toon Boom Storyboard Pro, and StoryBoard Artist Studio. Just like many positions within game design, storyboard artists should have strong communication skills, as it’s vital for them to effectively communicate with writers, designers and artists. Through the final product, video game storyboard designers should have defined the parameters of the game, organized the focus, and identified which mediums will be used where.

Video Game Storyboard Designer Salary*

Video game storyboard designers are often assigned strict deadlines and therefore sometimes work spurts of long hours. Their salary can range drastically on experience, but averages at $71,000 per year.

*According to

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