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How to Become a Video Game Quality Assurance Leader

How to Become a Video Game Quality Assurance Leader

Video game quality assurance leaders (QAs) are responsible for leading the testing team. Testing is used throughout the entire programming process, from the first code written to the final product. It is very important that there are no bugs, glitches, misspellings or mispronunciations throughout the game, so video game quality assurance leaders must be very observant and detail oriented. They are required to provide valuable feedback on the overall experience of the game prior to its release to the public.

Not only do video game quality assurance leaders monitor the quality throughout the production process, they also set the product standards. QA’s should have a solid understanding of the entire production process, as the most successful QA’s not only identify problems but solve them as well. From thorough analysis of the game play by way of consistent testing to constant communication with development teams, the QA is responsible for seeing plans through until completion. This makes them the chief resource for all inquiries pertaining to how and why the game works the way it does.

Although game testing and video game quality assurance may sound more like play than work, the reality is quite the opposite. Thoroughly testing games is very much a systematic process, and the list of aspects requiring attention is quite extensive. It only becomes “play” for QA’s once the game hits store shelves, and by that point most testers will be burnt out of that particular game. If the thorough, analytical nature needed for this career is appealing, a position as a quality assurance leader in the video game industry may be a good choice.

Video Game Quality Assurance Leader Salary*

Depending on employer and experience, entry-level video game quality assurance leaders make on average $64,000 per year. Like nearly every other position within the industry, salaries increase based on experience. A top level quality assurance employee can earn around $80,000 annually.

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