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How to Become a Video Game Producer

How to Become a Video Game Producer

A video game producer is somewhat of the “top dog” in the industry. They are responsible for overseeing the overall development of the game. Since video game production is often outsourced, there’s typically an internal producer and an external producer. Internal video game producers are employed by the game development company and have a large part to do with the actual creation of the game. External video game producers, however, are employed by production companies and typically oversee a couple production projects at a time.

On a high level, video game producers guide the game creation process from inception to completion. They often spread their talents across multiple positions, filling in wherever needed in order to make deadlines. Video game producers will often describe this as the best part of their job, working with highly creative people and being involved in many aspects of the game. Much of their time is spent prioritizing and keeping their staff focused on what’s most important. A series of side tangents can significantly delay the game production process and may even ultimately cause the termination of production all together.

The United States and Japan lead the video game production industry, with Canada very close behind. The recent evolution of the industry took game producers out of the sole “games for entertainment” realm and introduced games for e-learning (electronically supported education), as well is simulations, used in flight instruction and various military department trainings.

Video Game Producer Salary*

Game producers have extensive experience in multiple areas of game design. Most have managed a handful of successful projects and can expect to earn on average $121,000 annually. Becoming an executive producer is often the next pursuit for experienced project managers. With salaries averaging at $152,000 per year, it’s no wonder why!

*According to

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