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How to Become a Video Game Designer

How to Become a Video Game Designer

The job duties of a video game designer often allow the most room for creativity. In fact, they are essentially the center of creativity throughout the creation of the game, which often makes it the most desired (and competitive) position in the industry. Video game designers are responsible for creating the overall concept and plot of the game, including characters, scoring, level of difficulty, etc. Video game designers are often involved in multiple aspects of game production as well, therefore programming and art skills are typically required. In fact, many if not most successful video game designers begin their career as programmers.

Since it’s an important part of the game for players to create their own individual story, video game designers are tasked with creating structures and dependent relationships that guide players along, instead of dictating the entire story themselves. Successful game designers know that it’s the player’s process of creating and discovering unique and engaging stories that attracts people to and therefore sell video games.

Not only do game designers have to work well alone, they also need to have impeccable communication skills in order to effectively relay their visions to the rest of the design and production team. There are at least dozens, even hundreds on the large scale, of people involved in the creating of a video game. Video game designers often double as high-level mangers, overseeing the creation process. They spend a large portion of their day in meetings with other department heads.

Video Game Designer Salary*

One of the most highly sought-after and competitive fields in the industry, game designers get to develop the overall concept of the game, as well as oversee the process of making that concept a reality. Game designers are rewarded for their hard work with quality pay. The average annual salary is $95,000.

*According to

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