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Video Game Design Schools in Texas

Video Game Design Schools in Texas

High School graduation is just around the corner, or perhaps you already have you diploma or a GED equivalent, and you want to do something fun with your life that will not only pay the bills but give you and your family a comfortable lifestyle. The choices are many, but most assuredly it will need to include a college degree. You may have always had a firm interest in video game design, as well as desire to learn in Texas.  There are quite a few video game design schools in Texas, so putting two and two together, the choice is obvious. (*)

Video Game Design Schools in Texas
The Lone Star state has plenty of opportunities for you to achieve your dreams, but you need to have some basic information first. Most importantly, you want to choose a school that is accredited, otherwise that college degree on your name is worthless. Video game design programs have a specific core of required learning functions, and a school that is accredited will have the elements required for you to earn a great job when you graduate. 

You will want to review the course loads to determine if you want to go to school full time or part time. You may wish to take courses online, and if so, make sure the school you choose has that learning path available for you to take advantage of. You may want to minor in another subject that will help you with your career. If you want to focus on international game design, you may want to take courses in forging languages or in international business.

Make sure you apply for you FAFSA early on so you know what kind of financial aid you are eligible for. Plenty of schools offer in house tuition assistance, but a FAFS will provide you with much needed federal aid to go to school.

A List of Great Video Game Design Schools in Texas
The following are a short list of accredited colleges and universities in Texas that offer game design degree programs for people seeking a quality education in their field.

  • The Art Institute of Houston
  • Texas A & M University
  • University of the Incarnate Word
  • Lee College
  • Richland College
  • Sam Houston State University
  • Southern Methodist University

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