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Top Selling Video Games of All Time

Top Selling Video Games of All Time

There are thousands of games on the market today, and many more are being developed every day. How do some games become so popular while others only see a limited following? How does a budding game developer know where to start in designing a game? Let’s take a look at some of the top selling video games of all time to see what they had that made their video game design special.

Some of the top selling video games include*:

1. Wii Sports has been the highest selling game of all time, with almost 83 million copies sold. Its platform is attractive because it’s very interactive, and relates to real life interests. Someone who’s always wanted to be an athlete can now become one. Some people find Wii to be a great game because it incorporates exercise, combining a joy of gaming with physical fitness.

2. The Super Mario Bros. Series comes in second, with over 40 million copies sold. This game series appeals to everyone, kids and adults alike. People can play it together with their families and friends. Its social aspect makes it a great game. The original was created 30 years ago and is still enjoyed today. It is iconic in the gaming industry, along with his famous catch phrase, “It’s-a’me…Mario!”

3. Tetris is the third highest selling game of all time, with 35 million copies sold. This game is successful because it is a simple video game design concept that’s easy for players to pick up, but can get infinitely harder as you advance through the levels, which can make it addicting for those playing because they find the urge to keep going until the level is completed. There are plenty of variations on the classic game board to keep players interested for a long time. By now, virtually everyone knows about and has probably played Tetris.

Some more of the highest selling video games of all time include Mario Kart, Grand Theft Auto, and Sonic. For more information on the best video games, you can check out the Wikipedia page here:

For those who are thinking of pursuing a career in video game design, the development of new gaming ideas is a big part of the thrill and attractiveness of this career. Once you get a game design degree, you may be able to dream up new worlds and concepts and to give the gamers a totally new experience unlike what they’ve had in other games**. You may come to find that you were the cause of many hours of enjoyment for people like you. And you can potentially set a new trend in gaming, where other game developers will begin to incorporate similar ideas into their own games.

All of these things are potentially great aspects of a career in game development. Though remember, it’s important to look at the reasons why past games have been successful in order to determine where gaming needs to go from here and what you can add to the industry.


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