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Top Game Production Companies
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Top Game Production Companies

There are many game production companies around the world that produce a vast amount of game genres. These genres range from RPG (role playing games) to sports games and everything in between. Choosing the best game production companies to work for really depends on individual preference. When thinking about working for a game production company, it is important to consider what kinds of games you want to create. There are many different options for types of games to create; this article will show the best game production companies for specific areas.


For those who enjoy gaming and sports, then maybe a career option could be designing computer sporting games. Currently, Electronic Arts or EA, is one of the leading sports game manufacturer in the world.* They cover a variety of popular sports including football, baseball and golf.* An example of their success is the FIFA game series.  EA has been making FIFA since 1998, and produces a new version of the game every year. They are continuously in the top spot for soccer games, so if you enjoy sports, then working at EA could be a great option.

First person shooter:

Many companies make first person shooter games. Two such companies are Treyarch and Infinity Ward. These companies are the main developers of the hugely successful Call of Duty game series. These games sell in the tens of millions each year. For those who are looking to work for a FPS game company that is extremely popular, then Treyarch and Infinity Ward are a few options. Electronic Arts is another option, as they create the Battlefield series. With Battlefield 4 soon to be released, their ambitions and goals appear to be set very high. Which means working for EA on Battlefield could be an exciting option.

Role Playing Games:

In the world of fantasy, if creating alter egos and character progression is something you can’t get enough of, then RPG’s might be a great area for you. One company option for this genre would be Blizzard, who create the widely popular World of Warcraft games. ArenaNet is another possibility.  They are the developers of both Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2. Working for these companies could be perfect for someone who enjoys massively multiplayer online role-playing games, also known as MMORPG’s. There can be great opportunities for those wanting to help develop some of the most popular role playing games on the market.