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Top Game Design Colleges

Top Game Design Colleges

Attending a top-ranked game design school can give you the jump start you need to enter your career. According to the Princeton Review, the below game design schools scored the highest on various factors such as student to professor ratio, academic performance, professor credentials, available technology, etc. With well over two hundred game design programs available across the country, you know these top 10 have gone above and beyond to provide an exceptional educational experience for their students. Here are the top game design colleges: 

  1. University of Southern California
    Location: Los Angeles, CA
    Department: Interactive Media Division & Computer Science
    Annual Tuition, Interactive Media Division: $40,384
    Annual Tuition, Computer Science Masters: $40,384
  2. University of Utah
    Location: Salt Lake City, UT
    Department: Entertainment Arts and Engineering
    Annual Tuition, in-state: $5,491
    Annual Tuition, out of state: $19,230
  3. DigiPen Institute of Technology
    Location: Redmond, WA
    Program: Game Design
    Annual Tuition: $515 per credit hour, 154 credits needed for completion
  4. Art Institute
    Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada
    Program: Game Art & Design, Visual & Game Programming, Animation & Games
    Annual Tuition, U.S. residents: $23,400
    Annual Tuition, international residents: $25,980
  5. Michigan State University
    Location: East Landing, MI
    Program: Game Design & Development
    Annual Tuition, in-state: $12,200
    Annual Tuition, out of state: $30,000
  6. Worcester Polytechnic Institute
    Location: Worcester, MA
    Department: Interactive Media and Game Development
    Annual Tuition: $38,150
  7. Drexel University
    Location: Philadelphia, PA
    Program: Game Design
    Annual Tuition: $30,900
  8. Champlain College
    Location: Burlington, VA
    Program: Game Art & Animation
    Annual Tuition: $22,550
  9. Rochester Institute of Technology
    Location: Rochester, NY
    Program: Game Design & Development
    Annual Tuition: $30,282
  10. Becker College
    Location: Worcester, MA
    Program: Game Design & Game Programming
    Annual Tuition: $25,530

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