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Testing New Video Games: How It Works

Testing New Video Games: How It Works

Developing software is a lengthy and tiring process. When it comes to video games, the programmer has to be a genius. The process begins with a piece of imagination in the artistic mind of the designer and gets transformed into a fully-fledged video game ready to be launched. But, not yet! The program has to be tested.

The software goes through a good deal of beta releases before launching of the final version. The tester has to test new video games at every stage of development. Unlike structured system analysis and design for application programmers, the steps to test new video games are not supported by any standard methodology. This is where the complexity of testing increases. This also paves way for more innovative ways to test new video games.

Software is tested to find the bugs (faults) at different stages and eliminate them by what is popularly known as debugging. The tester has to run the video games continually. The most important factor that affects the quality of testing is the person who is to test new video games. The tester has many advantages if he works in a procedural way to test new video games, and there are a few ways to do this.

Risk testing: – The probability of a crash is tested here. The tester works on the game as though he is a novice. He experiments with innumerable combination of key-strokes, mouse clicks, other multiple key-strokes, etc. the aim is to check the soft-spots where the game crashes.

Performance-testing: – There are many criteria and methods to test new video games for their performance. Load-testing, stress endurance testing are some of the common tests conducted.

Resurgence- testing: – When a video game crashes in runtime, and when restarted, the user sometimes sees the blue screen on the Operating system console. Sometimes the game gets corrupt and in worse cases, the whole Operating system could crash. If this were to happen on a mobile video game, the runtime error could be more devastating for the end user. Here, the debugger tests whether a video game is able to recover from an accidental internal error, hardware collapse and numerous other reasons

Security-Level testing: – Hackers are always behind games software, especially video games. Imagine if the new video game is being launched by a leading MNC and the CEO clicks the start button in front of a huge gathering, and the game just fails to start. It could have collapsed due to a virus attack. This kind of security breaching programs, Trojans and other malware could target any game at any point of time. Hence security checking is a very vital aspect when it comes to test new video games.

The testing process is an inseparable part of program development life-cycle. The video games tester has to be just as creative and imaginative as the developer because his job is in some ways just as vital to the success of a game.


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