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Testing New Video Games: How It Works


Developing software is a lengthy and tiring process. When it comes to video games, the programmer has to be a genius. The process begins with a piece of imagination in the artistic mind of the designer and gets transformed into a fully-fledged video game ready to be launched. But, not yet! The program has to be tested. Read More »

How to Become a Storyboard Artist


Designing video games is generally an intricate and complicated process. Storyboard design is an integral part of creating a fluid and playable game. A video game storyboard is a visual play by play breakdown of an entire game, used by programmers and other development staff to get a general idea of different scenes. Story board artists generally have a great ... Read More »

Online vs. Campus Game Design Schools

Online vs. Campus Game Design Schools

In general, deciding on a college is hardly effortless. Prior to making the decision it is typically helpful to differentiate online schools and established institutions that offer scholastic training on a campus for game design.  The final outcome for both is generally the same- a game design degree that will aid you in the job search for your chosen field ... Read More »

Mobile Gaming

Mobile Gaming

Mobile phones have generally become an essential part of our daily lives. They facilitate communication and have knitted the world together through one platform. In addition to traditional phone calls and texting, people have access to the Internet and an array of applications and games at their fingertips. In general, mobile gaming has not only become a major trend in ... Read More »

Design Theory Courses

Design Theory Courses

Design theory courses in game design programs are generally becoming popular choices for students seeking employment in related fields.  Design theory courses are offered in several universities and allow students to learn and understand advanced levels of game design. Design theory is typically taught in post-graduate programs for those who have previously acquired knowledge in video game techniques and principles. Read More »

How to Become a Level Editor

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The role of a game design level editor is to create and define interactive architecture for graphic games. They must however keep in line with the description of the Game Designer though slight variation in looks and feel is allowed. The game level is also determined by the level editor. Memorable environment, game play elements and sophistication are part and ... Read More »

Top Video Game Schools

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Just a few short years ago, there weren’t as many options available for getting a degree in game design and the resources available were slim. Now there a hundreds of options available to inspired people who wish to learn about video game design. In the following article, we’ll list the top places aspiring game designers can go to take classes ... Read More »

10 Great Game Design Jobs


With the advancement in the science and technology and with growing craze for games, a career in game designing and development is seen with much appreciation. People are making a good living from such careers now days. There are a lot of game designers who are actually great programmers and understand well. When we talk about any game, it is ... Read More »

Why This Year’s Comic Con Made Me Want to Get a Game Design Degree


There are many people who know what the annual Comic Con is. And if you don’t, it’s an annual multi genre convention held in several locations throughout the world, and includes pop culture, animation, video games, comic books, and much more*. So of course it features a lot about gaming. I’ve always liked gaming as much as the next person, ... Read More »

Top Selling Video Games of All Time


There are thousands of games on the market today, and many more are being developed every day. How do some games become so popular while others only see a limited following? How does a budding game developer know where to start in designing a game? Let’s take a look at some of the top selling video games of all time to ... Read More »