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Should I Get A Degree In Game Design

Should I Get A Degree In Game Design

Game design is a large career field. A lot of people in the beginning of this ever blossoming field did not have a degree in game design because there was not really an established field. Today it is a bit different. The field is a very established field.

No one in the field is just “winging” it anymore.  There are absolute standards now and one of those standards include actual formal education. In other words when you are wondering “should I get a degree in game design?” the answer is absolutely.

What Will a Degree Get You?
Why is it important to get a degree in game design? A lot of people that want to enter the field of game design feel that they can rely on their talent alone to get them where they want to be. No matter how talented you are that degree is going to be a necessity.

The industry is full of talented game designers. When the industry was knew there were not a lot of people that were aware of how to write software now it is a bit more common knowledge. Getting yourself noticed starts with learning the formalities of game design.

Game design schools offer you a unique education and can build on the knowledge you already have.  Technology changes constantly keeping abreast of the changes is easy when you have the foundation that a formal education can give you.

A degree will get the doors opened that you need to be opened. Having a degree tells employers that you are serious about the industry. It also tells employers that you are serious enough to get the information that you need to really be an asset to any company.

Gaming design schools give you the advantage that you need in a very competitive job market. At the end of the day it really does not matter what school you get your education from as long as you get one.

The Schools
There are plenty of gaming design schools to choose from when you are wondering “should I get a degree in game design”. Two primary considerations should be how recognized is the school and whether attendance is practical for you financial situation and your geographical location.

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