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  • How to Become a Game Designer

    How to Become a Game Designer

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    Do you love video games, but feel you can make them even better? Becoming a game designer might be the perfect career for you. As the multi-billion-dollar industry of video games continues to grow, so...

  • Featured Game Design Programs

    Featured Game Design Programs

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    With so many education options within game design, it can be overwhelming to find the right program for you. These featured game design schools are accredited and respected, with programs designed to ...

  • Game Design Careers

    Game Design Careers

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    With a large variety of careers within the video game industry, it’s hard to know what might interest you the most. Here we list and describe possible career paths with a Game Design degree. ...

  • Game Design Degree Benefits

    Game Design Degree Benefits

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    In our current world of progressive computer technology, video game design has risen as a prominent and lucrative industry that’s only projected to grow larger. ...

  • Electronic Games Industry

    Electronic Games Industry

    Electronic gaming industry is one of the biggest industries. When we think of career in the electronic games industry, we generally think about game developer’s role. There are always more job openings, as the popularity of this industry is growing day by day. The industry continues to grow at a ... Read More »
  • Top Video Game Programming Schools

    Top Video Game Programming Schools

    Chances are, you don’t want to throw away your hard earned college tuition on a school that isn’t worth it, so a bit of research is in o...
  • How Can I Start Making Video Games?

    How Can I Start Making Video Games?

    You have honed your skills as an artists and programmer through specialty programs in high school, and now you are wondering about the next ...
  • How to Work in the Gaming Industry

    How to Work in the Gaming Industry

    With your degree in hand, you show up for your first day at work and go through your new hire orientation. The company is great; in fact it...