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Online Vs. Campus College for a Game Design Degree

Online Vs. Campus College for a Game Design Degree

First things first, and that is a hearty congratulations for almost finishing up your high school diploma or perhaps for earning your GED equivalent. Maybe you’ve been away from college for a while, or took some time off after high school to decide what you wanted to do with your life before jumping in to a degree program with no direction. But, now you know that you want to go into the game design industry, and are prepared to start looking for the right school for you.

Your first step is to make a decision on what type of campus you would like to utilize; online vs. campus college for a game design degree. (*)

Online Vs. Campus College for a Game Design Degree
With your FAFS in hand, and it is heavily recommended you fill one out to see what grants and subsidized loans the government will be helping you with, you will have a good idea first what you can afford. Not everyone can afford Harvard, for example, but you can find excellent schools in your price range if you seek them out. You will also want to make sure the schools you are looking at are accredited, as only these types of schools can legally accept your federal aid package.

Once you have that determined, start to look at what type of campus you want to attend for you game design degree. There are two basic types, and that is online and a traditional college brick and mortar campus. Both have their advantages, so knowing what you need will help in your decision.

Online Colleges
These are designed primarily for students who have the ability to self motivate and study with little direction. Most students are a few years out of high school, and need the extra time online classes allow fitting in a full time job that supports a family or helps to pay the bills.

Campus College
These are primarily attended by young and recent high school graduates, who are not only seeking the beginning of their first career, but also in great need of the lessons revolving around social interaction and the extracurricular activities a traditional college campus can offer. These students require sports programs, a wide variety of campus related clubs, as well as Greek organizations in order to complete their educations and learn how to fit into the community as productive and mature leaders.

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