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Mobile Gaming

Mobile Gaming

Mobile phones have generally become an essential part of our daily lives. They facilitate communication and have knitted the world together through one platform. In addition to traditional phone calls and texting, people have access to the Internet and an array of applications and games at their fingertips. In general, mobile gaming has not only become a major trend in today’s society, but has also become a game changer in the cell phone industry. Since the launch of smartphones, mobile gaming has typically become a staple in our everyday cell phone use.[i]Several experts believe the arrival of smartphones is remodeling the game industry in major ways. It is also suggested that even though mobile games may gradually take over the majority of the gaming industry, it does not imply that they will completely replace traditional PC and game consoles.[ii]

With the touch of a button, users quickly have access to a variety of affordable games through their smartphones. IPhone users account for 25 percent of the total gaming population, while Samsung users account for 20 percent.[iii] An important factor that contributes to the sharp rise of mobile gaming includes the inexpensive costs of downloading games. Several mobile gaming companies follow the “freemium” policy, which allows users to download and play games for free with the option to purchase upgrades and advanced features at a premium cost.[iv]  Popular upgrade features typically eliminate pop-up advertisements in addition to allowing more levels of play. Instead of free-to-play or “freemium” games, others games may charge a flat rate upfront. In general, the average cost for an app or mobile game is $0.99, but prices may vary.

Another important factor that helps stimulate growth in the mobile gaming industry is the broad range of audiences that play games on their phones. Not everyone has a game console by their side, but with smartphones, several types of people are able to quickly download and access games. Since several consumers of all ages carry smartphones, there are a variety of games in the mobile marketplace that generally appeal to all types of audiences.

The accessibility to develop mobile games is another factor that contributes to the growth of mobile gaming. An increase in technology has generally made it easy for developers and other individuals who may not be considered experts to design and release their applications into the mobile marketplace. Different marketplaces have different policies for publishing applications, so it is generally advised to verify the specific terms and conditions.[v]

Mobile gaming continues to grow with the overall rise of smartphones. In general, mobile gaming is gradually appealing to broader audiences and easier to access, thus becoming more popular.


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