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How to Become a Level Editor

How to Become a Level Editor

The role of a game design level editor is to create and define interactive architecture for graphic games. They must however keep in line with the description of the Game Designer though slight variation in looks and feel is allowed. The game level is also determined by the level editor. Memorable environment, game play elements and sophistication are part and parcel of the job of every level editor. However, to become a level editor, one must be updated on technology and the latest gaming designs to progress in the field[1].

What is the job of the level editor?

What exactly does the level editor do for a living? Here are some of the things that are included in the job description of the level editor.

  • ‘Level’, which is a portion of the game, is generally designed by the level editor.
  • The first step is a pictorial representation of ideas with the help of sketches or drawing software tools. This involves creativity and innovative thinking.
  • Logic is then followed by being out a relationship between the ideas and forming them in a sequential manner. Reasoning and logic is vital in this step.
  • The 3D graphics are then created and tested out to check for proper functioning of the game. Every tiny detail is drawn by the level editor and is completed.
  • A level editor must be able to understand the technical complications that come with the job and guide the team with understanding.

Training and Qualification:

There is no specific qualification to become a level editor. However, a degree in the designing, software development or engineering is preferred. The level editor must be aware and familiar with 3D modeling packages and fluency in programming is vital. Industry experience will be an advantage and training in related field will prove effective as you start working[2].

Work Environment:

The job of a level editor involves creating sketches within a matter of minutes and coming up with ideas on the go. The workplace itself will be casual and include testing of games most of the time. A person good to the handy work of arts and a jovial character will suit the job description. Communication skills, passion for the game, knowledge about game theory and imagination are some skills that are required of the level editor.

Salary and Career Outlook: 

The salary of a level editor is approximately $43,000 per year. The need or demand for game design is said to grow exponentially in the next decade as the need for video game graphics keeps increasing.

Being a level editor is both a fun and tasking job. However, if video games and graphics are your passion, this is a field that pays for playing games, testing it out and creating new levels for different games. The working hours are normal and requires spending more time in front of the computers, trying out new ideas and sketching fresh plans for the development of the varies games assigned[3].


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