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How to Work in the Gaming Industry

How to Work in the Gaming Industry

With your degree in hand, you show up for your first day at work and go through your new hire orientation. The company is great; in fact it’s all you have dreamed about since you deiced to get a degree in game design.

The people are wonderful, the office is lively, and you can feel the energy levels from happy and engaged employees. Your creativity is bubbling, but there’s perhaps one question on your mind that school didn’t prepare you for – how to work in the gaming industry. (*)

How to Work in the Gaming Industry
The first step is to appraise the skills you are bringing to your new company. You were hired for a reason above any other candidates, and it’s important to know what makes you unique. Perhaps you should sit down and review your resume to see what pops out as your greatest strength. It might also be a good idea to reach out to the person who hired you for a friendly discussion. You don’t want to go in completely clueless, but a simple one on one dialogue concerning why you were selected might not be a bad idea.

Once you have determined your place and worth within the company, take some time to organize your thoughts. Undoubtedly, you have some creative projects in mind that your new company would like to hear. Perhaps there are some art concepts that you find comfortable, but others might recognize as revolutionary. Place these in groupings, and jot down some notes on their merits and possible flaws. An idea is only as good as its implementation, and bringing a solid project with some foreseeable issues is a proactive way to begin working out the bugs.

Where Do You Fit In
As the new employee, you more than likely will feel a bit disjointed at the first few group meetings you will undoubtedly attend. Be prepared to be introduced around the room, and more than likely questioned on what ideas you might have on current projects. Make sure you study up on any concepts the company is currently working on, so when your observations are required, you will have meaningful and fresh considerations for the group to go over.

It is also recommended that you find a mentor, if one has not already been assigned, to help you find your footing. Remember, everyone was new at one point in their lives, and seeking help is nothing to be ashamed about.

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