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How to Learn Video Game Programming

How to Learn Video Game Programming

Get your joysticks out because the fun is about to begin. You are already an avid video game player and now you are about to do something that will take you to another level in a field you love and make money! Stop the madness, life couldn’t get any better. You want to learn video game programming so one day you may be famous for inventing the next Tetris. You are about to take steps that your friends have only dreamed of. You are stepping out so you can find out how to learn video game programming the right way.

For the person who is driven, hold on to your seat. You can actually learn video game programming from the comfort of your own home. There’s a website named Game Institute* that actually provides you with training materials, video presentations, source code and even have different projects you can experiment with. Oh yea, this will be a programmers paradise. Of course this is not a free site. However, you can look around before buying and see what they have.

A bonus to becoming a student who is using this site to learn, there is a year of free upgrades. Beyond that there are game development tools.* Let your imagination run wild and creating games and adding custom features.

Do you feel as if you want to be a part of a community? Game Institute hasn’t left anything out. There are forums and chats you can participate in.* Before you know as a part of this community, you will make friends who are a part of this same galactic experience and you bond over code.

For the person that is all about having books and even CDs in their library, you can purchase printed material from this site. This does help have a quick reference at your fingertips instead of having seven or eight windows open on your browser.

Who says learning has to be dull and boring? Not the person who is learning video game programming. You will find out so much behind the scenes of how games work that you may very well begin to create your own. The opportunity to create your own game and eventually get it on the market can be pretty exciting. For now, remember your idea is to learn all about video game programming. Start with the little fish and then move up to the bigger fish of designing your own game later.

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