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How to Become a Video Game Content Designer

How to Become a Video Game Content Designer

Responsibilities of a Video Game Content Designer
There are many avenues a video game content designer can take and these include level designers, technical, usability professionals, general designers, creative experts, game compilers, content developers and lead designers. But whichever branch in video game content design you choose you will be responsible for designing quests and enhancing levels, developing the very mechanisms of the game, building up your characters, thinking about a story-line and writing a dialogue that your character will ultimately say throughout the game.

You will need a creative edge and a spirited imagination as you aim to develop a game that will be enjoyed by other gamers by engaging and exciting game play. You will also have to work on the base of the code that will write the core program of the game, look out for bugs and potential viruses, and test all the codes by making sure the game is playable following development.

You will also have to test each game you are developing by playing out several scenarios and different levels. Advanced video game content producers and designers need to work with the physics of your characters; particularly if the central theme is a shoot ‘em up or weapons-based war game.

Animation of your game needs to be your responsibility, as well as augmented realities and physics. You will have to do a lot of camera work where you may have to preposition characters, back drops, scenery and weather patterns which accompany the real-feel of the game.

Qualities and Qualifications of a Video Game Content Designer
Entering the role of a video game content designer at the beginners’ phase does not require any general experience but a creative or lead designer must have a minimum of three years’ worth of experience. Video game producers need some experience of being a video game content designer and overall at least five years worth of experience in content design or programming.

Additionally a video game content designer must have the non-key skills of working comfortably within a development team of highly organized and well disciplined teams. These team members will be working closely with you as they may well be designing the next phase of your development work in the game you are producing and developing. So, strong team-building skills, an eye for math and physics as well as an ability to work to tight deadlines are all essential qualities needs for a video game content designer.

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