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How to Become a Storyboard Artist

How to Become a Storyboard Artist

Designing video games is generally an intricate and complicated process. Storyboard design is an integral part of creating a fluid and playable game. A video game storyboard is a visual play by play breakdown of an entire game, used by programmers and other development staff to get a general idea of different scenes. Story board artists generally have a great deal of influence on both character design and the direction of the story. In general, it is a creative job with several responsibilities— a mistake made during the storyboard phase may cause serious problems in later stages of production.

Video Game storyboard artists are typically trained in a variety of disciplines, including traditional drawing and graphic design.  They are generally also familiar with several types of software that enable them to get the job done efficiently and professionally. A storyboard artist’s role is typically vital, not only because they produce visual cues, but also because they set the path for the rest of the production process. It is generally common to show a basic storyboard layout to producers and investors, and on the strength of that story board, they decide to produce, manipulate or shelve that particular game.

Several universities offer either a two year or four year degree program in graphic design that may propel a prospective storyboard artist into the latest design techniques and help give them an advantage when searching for jobs. Employers may also require previous experience in the video game field to qualify.*

A video game story board is generally meant to be a rough approximation of how the game will play out, with relevant plot details, camera shots and flow incorporated into the board. This typically means that storyboard artists should be talented, and have an advanced understanding of storytelling, scriptwriting, and plot mechanics, which may allow them to envision how the story will look in the game. In addition, they should generally possess a critical eye, trying to spot any plot holes or inconsistencies before the game goes into the production phase.

The salary amount for storyboard artists generally depends on the industry, past experience, popularity of the game design company, and popularity of the specific games being produced. The average salary for a relatively well-experienced and talented storyboard artist is around $58,000.** Much like other professionals working in the videogame industry, perks to being a storyboard artist may also include access to content and merchandise that has not been released to the public before release and merchandise not available to the general public.


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