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How to Become a Gaming Journalist

How to Become a Gaming Journalist

Game design degree students are probably looking towards a career in making games and while that’s to be expected, students should also pay attention to the world of gaming journalism as a. A number of websites and magazines exist for the sole purpose of covering the gaming industry in practically every manner possible. Game design students have a unique perspective that not many others can bring to the table, and that in itself is appealing to gaming magazines and websites.

There is an entire industry out there full of jobs that many game design students may not have even considered.

A gaming journalist is a writer whose job is dedicated to covering the gaming industry. They write clear, well thought-out articles that are meant for publication either in print or online. Gaming journalists are unlike most journalists in that they are allowed a more casual approach to their writing, as opposed to a hard news journalist.

Gaming journalists’ duties usually fall under three categories.

1) Covering the “gaming news”.

2) Reviewing gaming related material.

3) Writing original gaming-related content.

Each of those duties is perfect for any game design student.

Game design degree students are usually active consumers of the gaming industry and so they know most of what’s going on in the industry at any given time. They know what goes into making a game so they can appropriately review the mechanics of a game, with the unique perspective of being a developer themselves as well. And they probably have a number of ideas about where the industry should be headed next that they can explore in their own original articles.

Gaming journalists also have the opportunity to talk to a number of gaming industry officials which may offer game design students a wide variety of networking opportunities. Gaming journalism can even represent a side-job for a game design student working on a long project. Articles vary in length and can be finished relatively quickly.

All these pieces put together offer game design degree students a number of options. Many gaming journalists often find themselves offered jobs at a number of different gaming companies as well. Probably one of the most popular moves was Destructoid Anthony Burch being offered a job at Gearbox Software.

One week, Burch was writing articles on a gaming site and the next he was working for Gearbox. He went on to write the entire script for Gearbox’s highly acclaimed Borderlands 2 and as such went from the interviewer to the interviewee.

Game design students should look into gaming journalism as a step in the door and as a world of networking opportunities that can help their careers moving forward.

Get information on game design degrees using the form on this page. School representatives will guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have about the various programs that are available to help you earn your game design degree.

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