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How Much Does a Sound Designer Make?
Sound Design

How Much Does a Sound Designer Make?

As a sound designer, the amount of money earned depends on many variables. A sound designer salary can range anywhere between $22, 810 to $97,700.* This disparity is large enough to tell you that the salary you can expect to earn as a sound designer depends on a number of aspects, including your area within the industry.

According to the 2012 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for a sound designer is about $55,340. The lowest paid 10 percent sound designers earn about $28,810 while the top 10 percent of sound designers earn about $97,700 or more.*

Sound designers are also referred to as sound engineers. They normally operate recording and audio equipment. They are also greatly involved in reproduction of music, balancing of sounds in movies and the making of TV shows. In short, they interact with all aspects of the recording industry, video production and live events that involve the use of sound equipment. Thus, a sound designer’s salary varies depending on the many factors.

Sound designers have such a broad range of tasks and skills to offer that they play a very central role in the entertainment industry. Sound jobs and audio jobs can be offered on a contract basis as well as full time employment. Deciding what type of job you take in the industry and specialization you choose will impact your salary as a sound engineer.