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How Can I Start Making Video Games?

How Can I Start Making Video Games?

You have honed your skills as an artists and programmer through specialty programs in high school, and now you are wondering about the next step, perhaps asking yourself how can I start making video games. As an exponentially explosive field of opportunity, the answers lie in nurturing your own creativity and earning a degree in the field you wish to apply yourself toward.

Perseverance is the key just as it is with anything worth doing in life, so taking every opportunity available to improve yourself should be your mantra. (*)

How Can I Start Making Video Games
First off, ensure you have the high school diploma or GED equivalent necessary for enrolling in college. This is where you will gain the practical training for finding a position in the field. Game design majors tend to study heavily within two different focuses, that being within the visual arts and the other in programming. You don’t need to know both, but the more you are skilled in various aspects of video game design, the more likely you will be someone a design company wants to add to their team.

In the arts, you will focus on visually translating your visions onto a concept board, then into digital animation. You will have your own creativity to drawn upon for your initial forays into the field, and as you progress you will collaborate with other designers. Your ability to not only draw what you are comfortable with but the ideas of others, in their styles will make you that more marketable.

Programming Video Games
You might also ask yourself how I can I start making video games if I don’t know programming. Again, this is a skill you will be trained on in college if you wish to enter the field on this side of be more adjustable when working on a project. It is not necessary to have credentialed skills in both art production and computer programming, but it certainly does help. Having a concept of how art is translated into a series based on computer cod will give you the parameters on what the game can accomplish.

It is suggested, then , that if you attend a two year or four year degree program with game design in mind, you may wish to major in one aspect of game design, and minor in another.

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