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How Can I Get Started with a Video Games Career?

How Can I Get Started with a Video Games Career?

Designing video games is probably a teenage boy’s dream job.  They could create the games they love to play and spend their days testing them out to ensure they are fun and challenging.  While a degree in graphic design, computer programming or computer animation could help you prepare for a career in the industry, it is one field in which experience isn’t necessarily a requirement.  However, if you have asked yourself ”how can I get started with a video games career,” this information may be helpful.

Career Paths in Video Games
Being a designer is not the only video games career that you can choose.  The field not only requires artistic talent, but technical talent as well.  The designer needs to work with several different people to make their design come to life and make it marketable in order to sell it and make money.  While simple video games may be created by one person, the designer, the video games that you’re used to playing on a system like Playstation or X-Box are very complex and require input from a team of people.

The designer will take his concept to his, or her, employer and if approved, artists, computer programmers, animators and many others will be involved in taking it from the concept to the finished product that you can play.  You can study for a video games career at many universities across the country or at design schools that offer specialized degrees in the field.  Before you ask yourself, “how can I get started with a video games career?” decide if your interests in the field are more artistic or technical.

Gaining Experience
Like with many careers that involve graphics and computer programming, you can gain experience from designing your own games at home.  Many people who love video games take the initiative to learn some of the necessary skills, either for fun or with a career path in mind, and work on their own creations.  However, you can also get into the industry in other ways.

Networking with other people interested in the industry is a good way to break into it.  You can start with the people you are going to school with or you can find others online with similar interests to network.  Networking can help you find companies who are hiring or you may develop a friendship with someone who can help you get your first job.

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