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Gaming Site Review:

Gaming Site Review: is a video game review and content website. They cover everything from PC, major consoles, indie games to gaming industry news. With content constantly streaming in from their staff and non-staff contributors, there is always something new being featured. They make big topic articles the priority of the website. For instance, this week they featured a review of The Chaos Engine (PC), Fast and Furious Showdown and DuckTales: Remastered (Wii U).

The overall design of is relatively clean, aesthetically pleasing and organized. The big topic articles get a big featured space at the top of the home page. Right below that, one can browse through easily-labeled reviews, interviews and videos covering the most up-to-date gaming topics. One can also search the site for a particular game review or article. Within each article, one can leave comments or share the piece with their friends. On the right sidebar, there is a sign up form for the GGS newsletter, which delivers gaming news straight to the inbox.

In terms of content, the content is of high quality for the most part. It’s hard to give an overall gage because has so many different authors—both on and off staff. However, from what we’ve seen, it seems that they hold their staff and non-paid contributors to a high level and expect quality content that isn’t just reworded from another site.

Overall, we like With great content selection and clean design, they could gain a serious following.