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Gaming 101: How to Get Into Game Design

Gaming 101: How to Get Into Game Design

Indeed more and more people are getting interested in gaming. Video games are used mainly to keep boredom at bay and, when played in moderation, are key in the motor development of children. There are different kinds of games and still, people anticipate more new ones every day. This is why today; many students are opting to go for a game design degree. This is a degree that offers an interesting career to someone who has the passion for it. No doubt, for a person to pursue this line of work, he or she has to be someone who also has an interest in gaming. You may further this passion by actually making creations of your own.

Here are some reasons why you need to consider a career that revolves around many a game design:

  • You will be doing what you love; if you have a passion for playing games, think about the thrill of actually designing one. You may be able to incorporate all those features that you have missed in some of your popular games to produce magnificent work. Since this is a career that is likely to draw to someone who is passionate about gaming, there are high chances that you may enjoy it for as long as you are involved in it.
  • Your creativity may not be going to waste; a game design degree implores you to use your creative mind in a field you love. You no longer have to use your creativity in merely playing the game; rather, it may be a good means to display this talent in designing some interesting, engaging games.
  • A good place to make reasonable income; whereas income is determined a lot by the quality of the game and its reception; those who work designing games have good earnings. *In 2010, for example, those who work in quality assurance earned about $49,000 whereas designers made approximately $68,000 on average. The business professionals in this field earned as much as more than $100,000. Thus, you may be doing something you love making a comfortable earning.
  •  By getting yourself a degree about game design, you may be giving yourself an advantage to rise in your career. Usually, many of those who are able to design games do it without as much as a big qualification. If you are in this group and you go ahead to get a degree, you may have increased your knowledge base and skill in designing.

There is great opportunity for someone who opts to get such a degree. People are demanding more and more for great visual effects and animations in gaming and this may just be the chance for you to make your contribution.

There are several schools offering this degree and the onus is on you to find the one that offers you the most facilities and skilled professors. With this training, you have several opportunities to exploit while finding a lot of fun. The job outlook for such designers is positive and this ought to be motivation for you.


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