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Game Designer Salary

Game Designer Salary

If you’re looking into a career in game design, you may have wondered what a game designer salary looks like. Salaries for game designers are fairly good compared to other jobs in that same industry. There is a lot of training and experience that comes with being a game designer.

What does a Game Designer Do?

In game design, it’s about designing the rules of a game during the pre-production and designing the plot, environment, characters and storyline during the production phase. The major focus is to design a game with a strong concept and to design the rules and the structures that become an exciting experience players can have.

The game designer is like a film director, an industrial designer or a project manager. He or she has an overview of what the game should be like and what it should turn out to be. To achieve this vision, he or she controls all the artistic and technical aspects of game production. The game designer must be efficient enough to work alone or with other people in a team. To become a top game designer, it takes a lot of artistic and technical ability, as well as writing skills.

Top game designers have creative control of the game playing aspect. A game that is rated to be too easy or too hard may not get good reviews, so the game designer has to find a way to design the game in such a way that is exciting for every gamer’s level—whether they’re a beginner, intermediate or expert.

Game Designer Salary

Game designer salary is often higher for experienced game designers compared to junior game designers or entry level game designers. Entry level designers earned an average of $46,000 annually in 2008.* With experience, the overall game designer salary can increase. In fact, according to, the salary for game designers across the U.S. ranges from $35,091 to $91,256.** They vary depending on region, years of experience and educational background.

Game designers work across a variety of fields and platforms. Here is further information about game designer salary across different fields:

Mobile Game Engineer: $85,000
Lead Game Designer: $106,000
Senior Visual Designer: $65,000
Senior Game Designer: $101,000
Game Designer: $79,000
System Designer: $53,000***


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