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Game Designer Salary for Career Starters

Game Designer Salary for Career Starters

In the midst of the economic recession, we experience one of the few things not or just a little affected is a game designer salary.  The gaming design industry is splendidly thriving even more so today.  This could mean a lot of positive things for everyone pursuing or planning to pursue a degree in game design.

In an entry-level, the average game designer salary today ranges from $48,000 to $75,000 annually.  This is a huge sum compared to other entry-level salaries of professions from other fields.  This is because the field of game design is both competitive and challenging.  To succeed in this field, you should equip yourself with the necessary training and skills first. Most employers today require a game design degree for the people they hire.

If you still have doubts of finishing or starting your game design degree, the following  job opportunities and potential game designer salary might help you to decide.

 Video Game Designer

This is one of the most in demand jobs, in the industry.  A video game designer salary averages at $84,000 today based on the latest statistics!  That’s more than most professional could say about their jobs.  A game designer is in charge of turning a game concept into a reality.  This entails developing the system that makes the game run and enhance every aspect of it.  This needs much skills and time to happen, but the rewards are truly high.  If you find the prospects high and game designing fun, you should certainly consider in getting that degree now.

Video Game Animator

A video game animator’s salary averages at $73,000 per year.  This is comparatively lower than a video game designer salary, but it’s still high compared to an entry-level salary of an engineer or an accountant. If you have the talents for animation, you should consider game design since the demand for new, updated games worldwide only increases, and the trend does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon.  However, the field is competitive.  Increase your chances by enrolling in a game design degree to get the necessary tools and enhance your marketability.

Video Game Programmer

This is one of the most challenging jobs in game design since more programming languages are present today than any time in history.  A video game programmer’s job is not easy; most of it spent on developing codes to make the best, advanced games that we see out on the market.  Because of the constant new technologies coming out, programmers have to be highly skilled and flexible.  That is why they are among the highest paid in the industry, with an annual average salary of $85,000.

There are more job opportunities in game design such as being a sound engineer, graphic artist, game tester, and game producer. Once you climb up the ladder and eventually become an expert in the field, you can even have a game designer salary of more than $90,000 a year!