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Game Design with a Course Focus on Game Design Theory

Game Design with a Course Focus on Game Design Theory

There are many institutions and universities—on and offline—now offering game design programs. One of the more interesting courses is game design theory. Game design theory trains you to explore and analyze situations, interests and strategies among all players in the game. It also lets you analyze different values and characteristics of contemporary culture and apply these aspects into the game.

About Game Design Theory

If you’re interested in understanding the practical pieces behind designing a game, then a game design theory course may be of relevant to you. Many courses will oftentimes teach theories first, then and encourage you to experiment and apply them to real game design.

The primary aspects of a game design theory course will touch on topics such as:

What is the challenge so that one can complete the game?

Without a risk factor, there’s no point in playing. Be sure to determine risk involved for the gamer.

What is the positive consequence to completing the challenge?

What are the negative consequences to losing the challenge?

Per human nature, one desires to learn more, acquire more skills and have a chance to grow. A game should increase in difficulty as the player progresses through the game.

Aims of Game Design Theory

The aims of game design with a course focus on design theory are to provide students with:

  • The needed techniques and understanding of digital systems for great game designs.
  • Expert ability to create simple to sophisticated games for fun, entertainment and learning.
  • Practical ability to apply art and science-based theories to digital game development and designs.
  • Gain knowledge and skill to bring inventions and innovation to the digital game world and to the larger world of technology.

After completing a game design theory course, one should be equipped with the necessary logic and skills to develop games.

Other Game Design Courses

While game design theory is vital to design a video game, it is not the only aspect of game design. Other important courses include:

  • Game balancing
  • Storytelling
  • Non-linearity
  • Nlayer motivations
  • Input/output
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Level design
  • Play testing


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