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Game Design Resources

The list below is several game design resources for the gamers out there. Here are a few useful terms and definitions for people interested in game design.

3D Video Game
A 3D (3 Dimensional) video game is any video game that features 3D elements. This includes a lot of depth perception elements.

Most video games require animation. This is usually done by an animator. The animation is usually done digitally, and later other aspects of the game are added.

An animator is someone who animates video games or other forms of media. Most video games are animated and cartoon-like. The use of animators is required to get the art of the games accomplished.

Cinematic Artist
A video game cinematic artist’ main job is to create, edit, and design the game’s background scenes. In a way they are in charge of creating the game’s world. The short and important clips are usually done by cinematic artists.

Game Production Companies
Game production companies produce games. They advertise, and help to get games that they think will be successful on the market. Unless the people creating a game have a lot of money, they usually need the help of a game production company to get their game out there.

Motion Gaming
Motion gaming requires the use of a motion control. Game systems like the Wii use these controls. When the control moves, the movement is recognized and that affects the game.

Video Game
A video game is an electronic game that requires interaction of the person playing it. That person controls at least one character. They are almost always animated games.

Video Game Designer
A video game designer is responsible for creating the concept and plot of the game. Also they are responsible for creating characters, level of difficulty, scoring, etc.

Video Game Developer
Video game developers are in charge of writing the software of video games. Video game developers usually have mathematical and engineering backgrounds. There is a lot of room to specialize as a video game developer.

Video Game Producer
A video game producer is someone who produces video games. They provide their own money to help games to be completed and produced. They are looking for a return on their investment and are hoping the game will be successful.

Video Game Sound Designer
Video game sound designers are responsible for the sounds within a game. Audio plays a large part in video games, and sound designers are in charge of this audio. They may alter previously recorded audio, or they may even create audio of their own.