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Game Design Jobs For Animators

Game Design Jobs For Animators

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, professional multimedia artists or animators typically seek a college degree to launch a career in the industry. A comprehensive computer graphics or game design program teaches courses such as advanced 3D modeling, computer simulation and game design theory. These studies can provide aspiring animators with the latest skills needed to pursue game design jobs.*

Upon graduation, an animator can seek a variety of different careers.  While there may be competition in the game design industry, professionals can still apply their skills to a variety of career fields and growing industries, such as the video game industry, movie industry or television industry.

A game animator can also apply their advanced skills in modeling to become a 3D modeler for new video games. It is one of the more popular gaming degree jobs for animators. These professionals create 3-dimentional models of objects like human-like characters, structures, fictional beasts and more. They typically have vast knowledge in programs like Maya, 3DS and Lightwave. 3D modelers tend to work in the film and television industries.

Character animation is an exciting gaming degree jobs for recent graduates. A game animator working in this field is responsible for using a combination of 2D and 3D modeling skills to render memorable and captivating characters for role playing games (RPGs), puzzles, strategic games, children’s video games and popular first-person shooter adventures.

While the very first stop motion animation dates back to 1897, being well-versed in this area is a valuable skill to have in the game design industry. This technique of animation appears frequently in TV commercials and children’s video games.  A game animator skilled in stop-motion animation can create classic animations out of clay, household objects, puppets, stuffed animals, paper and other materials.

After gaining years of experience in game design, a seasoned animator could eventually work as an animation director for upcoming video games.  This is one of the more demanding yet highly skilled gaming degree jobs available.  Along with premiere expertise, an animation director should be able to lead a team of animators and recruit new talent.


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