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Game Design for the College Student

Game Design for the College Student

Gamers are used to munching down ramen and living on a shoe-string budget to feed their gaming addiction. Developers and game design students on the other hand are looking to create a career out of game development and if they are spending more money on games and the programs used to make games, they might consider a career change.

Following is a list of cheap game development software that can help even financially challenged game developers to produce a full release.

Adventure Game Studio

Adventure Game Studio is a development platform that allows students to experiment with a genre of game development that was most popular in the 90’s, the point and click adventure. In the last few years, the genre has seen a comeback with developers like Telltale Games and Double Fine Studios producing games in the genre and consistently giving support to the genre.

Adventure Game Studio provides developers with a number of simple tools that allows even the most basic developer to create a full game. Plug-ins and tutorials make the process simple and the community on the site allows developers to release their titles and get immediate feedback through the site’s dedicated review system.

While the software is limited, it allows developers to produce titles comparable to the greatest point and click releases from the 90’s. Students of game design should experiment with the genre at the very least and this piece of software allows that.

Game Maker Studio

Game Maker Studio has been a staple in the independent gaming field for a long while now. With its initial release in 1999, Game Maker Studio has been the option for developers looking to take baby steps in the industry for quite some time. The software allows for both the novice and the expert to make use of the complex coding and scripting.

Developers starting out can use a simple drag and drop system to create a title while those with a little more knowledge can code a game from scratch using the software. Game Maker Studio has been released and supported by Valve’s digital distribution service, Steam and has brought with it a number of game developers used to the platform.

Game Maker Studio may be a reined-in experience for most students of game design but it is a simple piece of software that allows for complex coding and it has produced a number of great titles since its inception in 1999.

RPG Maker

RPG Maker is probably the most criticized piece of software on this list, but for good reason. RPG Maker’s amazing accessibility has allowed a number of gamers to try their hand at game development and that has led to a few solid releases. But it has also led to a hilarious amount of bad attempts. RPG Maker games have become mocked for their copy-cat nature and that has led to a lack of trust in the software.

But RPG Maker is a solid piece of software. It allows developers to create games within the roleplaying game genre, similar to games like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. The tools are fairly simple to understand and there are a number of assets included in the software that can help even non-artists create an appealing game.

RPG Maker has led to the development of some amazing games and because of that, it cannot be ignored. Even with its shady history.

These three development tools have become established staples for new developers and should be considered by any student looking to enter the world of game design.