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Game Design Degree Tips for Entering College

Game Design Degree Tips for Entering College

Entering into college with the intention of receiving a game design degree is a wonderful first step for would-be game designers. But what do you do once you are in college? How do you make the most of your new world to be the best game developer you can be?

What follows is a list of tips for any young game design student looking at a game design degree or for those interested in the field of game design. These tips apply to anyone looking at a new college or for those looking to switch majors. Everything from what classes you should take to what college activities you should join as soon as you enter college.

1. Try your hand at writing and gaming.                         

Prospective game designers are most likely big gamers. They enjoy the field of gaming so much that they wish to enter the field themselves. They want to leave their stamp on the industry. While working towards your game design degree, it may be worth it to try your hand at gaming journalism.

Deconstruct a game from a designer’s perspective. Write about game design trends. Break down the narrative purpose of a certain character in a game. By pushing yourself to do these things, you not only create a decent portfolio of articles, but you also gain a following.

2. Make games you want to play.

When at a game design school, you may find yourself stuck creating games that are restrained by your course guidelines. It is good to work within these restraints as it pushes you to experiment with game design, but it doesn’t let you truly showcase what you want to do.

Work on side projects as much as you can. Design your own independent games and release them for free on websites. These projects of love will show people what you really want to do once you get your degree. One of these side projects might end up being your first full project!

3. Learn the arts behind the games.

You are learning to code and how to design games. But that is only one part of the process that goes into the creation of complex gaming experiences. While you work towards your game design degree, you should take a number of classes in the arts.

Learn to animate. Learn to draw. Learn to act. Learn to do voices. If you pursue a variety of classes in the arts, you will eventually be able to create an entire game on your own. From the art, to the sound design, to the programming, if you spread yourself out you will be a one man army. This also makes you more attractive to prospective employers.

Game design students will want to know every trick in the book to push their careers forward. These three tips will help you become more than a game designer by the time you receive your game design degree.

Get information on game design degrees using the form on this page. School representatives will guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have about the various programs that are available to help you earn your game design degree.

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