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Game Design Careers

Game Design Careers

When video games first became a prominent industry less than 30 years ago, there was only one game design career path to choose from – game author. Today, new and exciting game design careers are in high demand across the country. Originally, game authors were responsible for the entire creation of the game, including the design, animation, script, programming, audio, etc. Basically, the only thing they were not responsible for was the physical publishing of the game, which was left to “game publishers.” The business model was essentially the same as the writing industry: a single person creates the commodity while another publishes it for a percentage of profits.

The current game design process is quite the opposite. It takes a large team of exceptionally smart and talented individuals to create a video game. The amount of channels used for game play has increased ten-fold. Games are no longer solely played through consoles and personal computers; they’re designed for a wide variety of devices such as Smartphone’s, tablets and handheld devices. They’re also more commonly being used as a tool for education, incorporating a factor of fun and stimulation into learning.

With a large variety of game design careers within the industry, it’s hard to know what might interest you the most or what you would excel at. Attending an accredited game design school will help you make that decision by exposing you to multiple aspects of the game design process. Here we list and describe possible game design careers with a game design degree.

Get information on game design degrees using the form on this page. School representatives will guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have about the various programs that are available to help you earn your game design degree.

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