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How to Become a Game Design Artist

How to Become a Game Design Artist

When you buy a game for your console or PC, one of the first things that may strike you is the game design. Whether you are playing something with a retro feel to it or a popular game with beautifully detailed, realistic graphics, the design may change the experience for you. The people behind that are proud of it, too.

The artists turn their creativity and skill into the beautiful backgrounds and characters that make up the story and the experience. They bring the game to life and make it far more exciting. The game design artist will create the image of the game so that it matches the feel and story. When the job is done right, it has the potential to come together perfectly.

The artist creates the characters, backgrounds, textures, animation, and so much more. The character that you play as, the characters that you meet along the way, what you see while passing by towns, and what you fight were all made by these people. All of these jobs do not fall on one person, though. It is actually a team and there are people handling each job. You can specialize in the actual character creation, as an example. You can design the playable character(s), the NPCs, and the enemies, then watch as they come to life by the animators. Each of these jobs focus on creating the images that you see while playing.

If you are considering a game design job, you are going to need to meet the requirements. Usually, employers are looking for someone who has studied the arts. Someone who understands the colors, the designs, drawing, sculpting, and quite a bit more, along with a Bachelor’s degree to prove this, is going to be more desirable. There needs to be a deep understanding of the art in order to be a game design artist. You should also make sure that you have basic math skills if planning to work with 3D.

The salary for a game design job depends on what you do and what your qualifications are. Usually, a job for a beginner is going to be around $25,000 to $40,000 a year. But that number can go up. For newcomers with a Bachelor’s degree, the pay may be higher. How much you make over time depends on your experience and your history, too. If you have several years of experience, you can see a large jump. This is also true if you were part of the team for a popular game, as credentials for working on such a project may showcase your talents.

Publishing games on mobile devices and online is easier, making the need for this job to increase. Game design is hugely popular and is not likely to go unneeded any time soon. If you are an artist seeking a job, you may be able to find several jobs available online. The only downside is that there may be a lot of competition. By improving your skills and knowledge with game as well as improving your art, it is possible to see a salary increase and have a higher likelihood of employment.


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