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Electronic Games Industry

Electronic Games Industry

Electronic gaming industry is one of the biggest industries. When we think of career in the electronic games industry, we generally think about game developer’s role. There are always more job openings, as the popularity of this industry is growing day by day. The industry continues to grow at a fast speed. The revenues of this industry have surpassed the Hollywood’s box office’s annual revenues.

There has been increase in the audiences for electronic games, over the time. With social networking, the contents of electronic games have changed and there has been increased engagement of the players. The audiences are not only kids but also adults. Similarly, electronic games are not only for males, but females are also interested in the same.

The advancement in technology gives game developers the tools that can create more engaging storylines and characters that are emotionally believable. Working as a developer for electronic games is challenging as well as rewarding. The developers have to be innovative and imaginative, in order to create a compelling new game experience every time. There is a lot of career opportunity in the *electronic games industry. This industry offers excellent compensation and packages to reward the employees. For building the best games, there is a need for innovative tools, technologies and facilities. A game development team is more than a group of artists and programmers. The team has to handle marketing, product development, public relations and retail. The *electronic games industry is changing every moment, with the advancement in technology. There are various ways to be a part of this industry. There is a need for creative consultants, marketing experts, testers and developers. The *electronic games industry has a good salary package to offer. In 2012, the average for US based developers was $84,337, which had increased by approx $3,100 from 2011. The statistics revealed that 64% developers made increased money as compared to the previous year, 29% made the same and only 7% were ones who made less money than previous year. Similarly, Canada based developers also made less salary than previous year, and European developers were roaming around the same level.

The best part of the electronic games industry is that it has a lot of creativity involved, which makes the employees love their work. There has been a clear increase in number of opportunities for the developers of games. These opportunities are on independent, individual and team level. To be a part of the race, the game developers need to be working on a personal project at any given point of time.

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