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Do You Have to Know How to Code and Program to Make Video Games?

Do You Have to Know How to Code and Program to Make Video Games?

This is the generation where everyone on the planet either has access to the internet or knows all about it. It is also the generation that cut their teeth on gaming systems but does that mean because you are of the gaming generation do you have to know how to code and program to make video games.

The answer unequivocally is yes. You have to know how to code and program to make decent video games. Years ago “gaming” was not really even a word yet so the games were let’s say not as intense as they are today.

Even the earliest games that got a nod were in development for years and had been developed by people that were experts in coding and programing. Things have come a long way and while it may not be necessary to know every code there are some that you are just going to have to prove you know before you are hired to create one of the next hit games.

Do You Have To Know How To Code and Program to Make Video Games?
Yes you do if you want to be able to fend for yourself while you are dreaming up the next hit game. No company will even look at your resume unless you have some formal education listed. Luckily there are a lot of good game design schools available that can help make your dream a reality.

There is actually enough really great game design schools that there is a list compiled naming the best! * You may be very gifted and talented and able to understand the basics of coding and programming but it will not be enough to open the right doors.

Having that degree or certificate showing that you took the courses and understand how to write code and produce programs is what will open the door for you.

Game Design Schools
Getting accepted into one of the many game design schools is a lot easier than it seems. If you want the grown up jobs that pay big dollars and you want to be able to start off being taken seriously than you need to get that degree.

Don’t wait to be discovered take matters into your own hands by securing the degree that is going to help you live the dream!

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