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Design Theory Courses

Design Theory Courses

Design theory courses in game design programs are generally becoming popular choices for students seeking employment in related fields.  Design theory courses are offered in several universities and allow students to learn and understand advanced levels of game design. Design theory is typically taught in post-graduate programs for those who have previously acquired knowledge in video game techniques and principles.

These courses aim to teach about the theories related to designing and analyzing digital gaming.* The content of design theory courses typically contains topics such as critical approaches to designing, sociocultural contexts and general design concepts. These topics enable students to gain practical and theoretical insights about game design.  Several case studies are generally presented to students to offer a better understanding of these concepts in real-world situations.

Course fees generally depend on the length of the design program and the type of university where it’s offered. For example, if the school is a public or private institution, a graduate or undergraduate program, if the school is in-state or out-of-state in relation to the student.  Course fees may range from $10,000 to $25,000 depending on these various factors.

Several universities offer design theory courses online or on campus, and in some cases, may offer both options. ** Examples of different schools that offer these courses include the University of Washington, which offers a certificate in game design; the Art Institute of Phoenix, which offers a Bachelor of Arts in Game Art and Design; and the University of Pennsylvania, which offers a Master’s in Computer Graphics and Game Technology***.

The courses in game design are desired by various companies that generally are the pioneers in game design. Companies such as EA, Activision, and Marvel, for example, typically hire large numbers of students from several universities that offer design theory courses in game design programs.

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