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Current Game Design Trends

Current Game Design Trends

Video games have evolved through many stages of change since their inception, as gaming trends have undergone shifts in keeping with consumer demand. Gaming companies strive to keep ahead of gaming trends in the race to come up with the next innovative generation of video games.

One of the newer, but rapidly spreading game design trends is mobile gaming. Mobile gaming has attracted the gaming community through its portable and easy approach to gaming. Video games are now available for cell phones, iPods and handheld gaming devices that can easily be stored in a pocket or purse and taken almost anywhere. Mobile gaming originated with versions of well-known favorites like Snake and Pong. However, it has quickly advanced to 3D gaming with the Nintendo 3DS, and motion-sensitive gaming with Apple’s iPad. High-tech extravagance aside, mobile gaming can also be as simple and captivating as Flash PC gaming, with newer installations like Tiny Tower and Plants Vs. Zombies, which have simple graphics, but nearly endless game play.

Online gaming, with social networking and the open world concept, has taken the gaming world by storm. The open world concept is a design concept that allows “open” conditions for one’s character and team mates, which makes mass multi-player online gaming possible. Like in World of Warcraft, Borderlands, Monster Hunter and many others, games designed using the open world concept method give the player the option to explore the terrain of the game world at will, being in whichever location they choose at whatever time. For gamers who would rather not be stuck in a linear arcade-type chain of events, video games utilizing the open world concept are a must.

For those who enjoy arcade games, a similar game genre has surfaced that large corporations did not expect: Indie games. Most indie games are not the work of large corporations, but that of individuals and small teams. Indie games aren’t created with the huge amount of resources available to large companies, but there is a growing community of support for them. With the development of Xbox Live Arcade, Steam, OnLive, and other means of indie publishing, indie games have in recent years been better able to meet the demands of gamers who want fun, challenging games but don’t care as much about high-grade graphics and in-depth story lines. If one’s interest in gaming is simple recreation and relaxation, their gaming trends are most likely mobile gaming and indie games.

This is where the gaming industry stands right now, but with the rapid advancement of talent and technology in the field, where will it be in ten years? Will you be a part of it?

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