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Best Game Design Sites

Best Game Design Sites

Game Design Schools is out to search high and low for the best game design sites on the web. We look for sites that provide high quality and insightful information about careers, schools, degrees and trends in the field. Read More »

Links to Additional Game Design Information

Here are some helpful links to additional game design information: Since 1999, The Video Game Critic has reviewed games for every major console ever made–from the Atari 2600 to the Nintendo Wii to Xbox. Here you’ll find 4000+ video game reviews as well as a page of resources about video games for sale, Japanese game sites, German game sites, ... Read More »

Game Design Resources

The list below is several game design resources for the gamers out there. Here are a few useful terms and definitions for people interested in game design. 3D Video Game A 3D (3 Dimensional) video game is any video game that features 3D elements. This includes a lot of depth perception elements. Animation Most video games require animation. This is ... Read More »