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Game Design Degree

Advancing Your Game Design Career


Going to a game design school to receive a degree is not just for those looking to enter the gaming sector for the first time. It is also a great opportunity for those who are already working in the industry and want to “move up” in their career. Christian Allen is someone who did just this. Christian Allen may not ... Read More »

How to Become a Game Designer

Game Design Degree

Do you love video games, but feel you can make them even better? Becoming a game designer might be the perfect career for you. As the multi-billion-dollar industry of video games continues to grow, so does the need for talented lead and assistant designers. Read More »

Game Design School Requirements


Although game design is a fairly competitive field, with the proper education you can position yourself ahead of the game…pun-intended of course. There are many schools that offer Associate, Bachelor and Master Degrees in Game Design and related fields (see our list of Top Game Design Schools), so which do you choose? It’s best to begin with research on the ... Read More »

Game Design School Tuition Expectations


There are many factors to evaluate when choosing a game design school. Some schools factor their tuition based on a flat semester fee, where as others charge per credit hour. Some are online, some are on-campus. Tuition costs, however, are amongst the most considered. Below are approximate tuition costs for various game design programs from multiple game design schools around ... Read More »

Featured Game Design Programs


With so many education options within game design, it can be overwhelming to find the right program for you. These featured game design schools are accredited and respected, with programs designed to instruct and guide students through traditional art fundamentals and advanced digital application. Read More »

Game Design Degree Benefits


In our current world of progressive computer technology, video game design has risen as a prominent and lucrative industry that’s only projected to grow larger. Read More »

Top Game Design Colleges


Attending a top-ranked game design school can give you the jump start you need to enter your career. According to the Princeton Review, the below game design schools scored the highest on various factors such as student to professor ratio, academic performance, professor credentials, available technology, etc. With well over two hundred game design programs available across the country, you ... Read More »

Game Design Careers


With a large variety of careers within the video game industry, it’s hard to know what might interest you the most. Here we list and describe possible career paths with a Game Design degree. Read More »