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Game Design Degree

Game Design with a Course Focus on Game Design Theory

Game Design Theory

There are many institutions and universities—on and offline—now offering game design programs. One of the more interesting courses is game design theory. Game design theory trains you to explore and analyze situations, interests and strategies among all players in the game. It also lets you analyze different values and characteristics of contemporary culture and apply these aspects into the game. Read More »

Courses in Game Design

Courses in Game Design

When studying game design, there are countless game design courses available to satisfy different interests. There are many great opportunities for students to pursue different areas of specialties, like programming, writing, designing, animating, engineering and producing. Explore popular game design courses to see what types of skills are needed for a game design profession. Read More »

BA in Game Design Degree Overview

Game Design Degree

A full half a billion people play video games worldwide and odds are you one of them. For some, video games go beyond the thrill of conquering worlds, discovering ancient artifacts, or dominating an online battlefield. Some have their sights set on an incredible and exciting way to pursue their love for video games, by earning a Bachelor of Arts-Game ... Read More »

How to Earn a BA in Game Design

Game Design BA

The advancements in gaming design and technology is not hidden these days. It has offered many lucrative career opportunities to graphic designers and animators. One can pursue any of the gaming designing courses to earn a lot in the future.  If you are looking for a cost effective game designing course, then it’s time to get your BA in game ... Read More »

Video Game Design Schools

Video Game Design Schools

The concept of video games is something that has been around for a pretty long time. However, the thought of going to college and obtaining a degree in video game creation is still a fairly new concept. If you are someone who has been interested in pursuing a video game creation degree at a college but are afraid to tell ... Read More »

How to Earn a Video Game Design Degree

Game Design Degree

Obtaining a video game design degree is a dream that many passionate video game and computer players have. If you are someone who finds yourself constantly looking for ways to improve a game while you are playing it, chances are pretty good you would enjoy a career in video game design. Read More »

Campus vs. Online Game Design Schools


One of the largest growing industries in technology is the world of game design. Students are flocking to careers in these fields every day and there are a number of hurdles for those students along the way. Along with choosing from a long list of schools that offer game design degrees (there are well over 200 options out there), game ... Read More »

Game Design Degree Tips for Entering College


Entering into college with the intention of receiving a game design degree is a wonderful first step for would-be game designers. But what do you do once you are in college? How do you make the most of your new world to be the best game developer you can be? Read More »

Mythbusters – Three Game Design Degree Myths


If you have any interest in the gaming industry and/or acquiring a degree in game design, you must wonder what the purpose of your degree really is. You may have heard stories about indie developers making it big on their own or of big developers who skipped out on school. Those are the rare exceptions to the rule. What follows ... Read More »

How Do I Get a Degree in Video Game Design?

Degree in Video Game Design

If you’ve ever spent a lost weekend playing Halo, Assassin’s Creed or even the Sims, chances are you have wondered what it would take to become a video game designer. Video games are hugely popular. Seventy-two percent of all American households enjoy playing video games on a regular basis. The video game industry generated close to $19 billion in sales ... Read More »