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Game Design Careers

Game Designer Salary for Career Starters

Game Designer Salary for Career Starters

In the midst of the economic recession, we experience one of the few things not or just a little affected is a game designer salary.  The gaming design industry is splendidly thriving even more so today.  This could mean a lot of positive things for everyone pursuing or planning to pursue a degree in game design. Read More »

Tips for Those Interested in Video Game Design Careers

Video Game Design Careers

As the video game demand continues to grow, so does the interest in video game design careers. Unfortunately, this means that the competition level for entry-level positions in all of the top video gaming companies can be extremely intense. Fortunately, there are still certain things you can do in order to stay ahead of the competition. Read More »

Game Design Degree Mythbusters – Game Testing


Every young gamer who spent time to learn about the industry they’ve invested in probably had the same dream job. Game design degree students can probably attest to this dream as well. Game testing. A job where you can spend time with game developers, play video games, and all you have to do is make sure the game’s aren’t broken? Read More »

How to Become a Gaming Journalist


Game design degree students are probably looking towards a career in making games and while that’s to be expected, students should also pay attention to the world of gaming journalism as a. A number of websites and magazines exist for the sole purpose of covering the gaming industry in practically every manner possible. Game design students have a unique perspective ... Read More »

Top Companies Hiring Game Designers

Game Design Companies

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the video games industry should see a 30 percent increase in job growth between 2010 and 2020. Despite this, it can be hard to snag a job as a game designer. Most game companies are looking for experienced programmers and developers, with significant projects on their resumes. The highest demand is for candidates ... Read More »

The Salary of Video Game Designers

Video Game Design Salaries

Everyone is looking for the career that will feel least like work and most like fun. If you find something you love to do, you never feel like you’re working! If you love video games, than the perfect career for you might be video game designer. Read More »

How to Become a Video Game Cinematic Artist


The main focus for a video game cinematic artist is to design, create and edit the video game background scenes, essentially creating the game’s “world.” Just as in movie cinematography, video game cinematic artists need to make the scenes of the game flow smoothly, continuously engaging the user. Many levels in modern video games are lapsed with short but important ... Read More »

How to Become a Video Game Quality Assurance Leader


Video game quality assurance leaders (QAs) are responsible for leading the testing team. Testing is used throughout the entire programming process, from the first code written to the final product. It is very important that there are no bugs, glitches, misspellings or mispronunciations throughout the game, so video game quality assurance leaders must be very observant and detail oriented. They ... Read More »

How to Become a Video Game Texture Artist


Critical to the overall video game experience, video game texture artists work on graphics and backgrounds making them look as real as possible and giving the game a visual edge. You may find video game texture artists staring at the floor, but they’re in fact doing their job. Making a dirt floor look distinctly different from a cement floor in ... Read More »

How to Become a Video Game Storyboard Designer


Done both by hand and on the computer, a storyboard is a breakdown of the entire game, scene by scene. Video game storyboard designers use sketches, text and technical instructions to provide thorough descriptions of video game levels, scenes, goals, etc. This provides clear instructions for the game production team, and other members of the design team. Video game storyboard ... Read More »